There are times, often late at night, when I find myself surfing the online job boards or perusing the resume pools…and I just shake my head. No, I’m not looking for a job–at least not yet. But as a volunteer in an organization that helps people with their job search, I often try to see the current job market and the job search challenges from their eyes.  And I’ve come to realize that it’s a literal jungle out there!

So many job postings are written in the least meaningful way, often choked with legal-speak or so carefully spun as to make the ditch digger job actually seem appealing. The resumes I’ve seen are no better–with many being little more than a calendar of tasks performed over the last 30 years by some guy that just wants his old job back!  Given this poor setup, what’s the chance that a perfect match could ever be made between a well-meaning company and an earnest job seeker? Then toss in the challenge of employers and job seekers both trying to figure out how to make the best use of Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, or the many other search tools that abound on the Internet. The deck is stacked against us!

It’s in these late night hours I often find time to ponder and write about this current state of the job search. Some of my thoughts are profound, others are just reworded advice that needs to be retold in a different way, but the words are carefully researched and best practices are always considered. So I’ll put my thoughts and ideas here in hopes that some will find it helps shorten the trials and tribulations or maybe it just makes the journey a bit more rewarding.

Oh, if you care to contribute, to enhance the thoughts, or to pose a well-considered alternative idea, you’re welcome to reply. But write it well, for the benefit of those that spend time in the search, because they have enough on their minds without dealing with postings that are more about you or your opinions than about helping them with their search.

MrL8Nite   (“Mr. Late Night”)

2 Responses to Why

  1. Mary King says:

    Mr.L8Nite, My husband has over 30 years experience in the graphic arts industry ( Pre-Pressman ) that is impeccable, however due to circumstances beyond his control, the company of his many years of service had to close their doors due to a certain type of espionage from within . Needless to say since the 2001 occurance and the ecomony he’s had to accept employment outside of his field of expertise and doesn’t seem able to provide potential employers with a resume that reflects or highlights his qualifications in todays job market. I was hoping that you would be able to recommend several Resume Writing Companies that use the star method to assist with this problem.
    Due in large to generating from the old school ways he seems to be unable to understand or except that times have changed and that his experience and abilities only come into play after his resume is selected and his personal interview is found favorable.
    I plan on obtaining books you’ve suggested on interviewing that could help in that area however the resume is his weakest link. Your recommendations and response would be greatly appreciated. Thank You from St. Louis, Mo

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