The 12

Yes, there are a lot of posts here on various job search topics. No, I haven’t had a chance to organize them yet (…one day). I write these posts for the benefit of the job seekers I work with in the Atlanta area…usually in response to questions that came up in my lectures. So I often get asked “Where do I start? Where should I focus my reading time? Are there some key articles I should read first?”

Yes, there are a few you should start with. In support of my job search lectures, and to help the job seekers find them a little easier, I’ve pulled together 12 key articles from this site and put a copy of them over on:

The 12 represent the articles that I want the students to read first before spending time rummaging through the other posts on this site. And yes, the 12 posts I put on Blogspot are also on this site…they are just mingled with scores of other posts on this site.

One other note. I review and revise the 12 on occasions (I keep them up-to-date, so you can ignore the original post dates). I may remove, merge or add another posting or two to “The 12”. So if there’s a few more or less than 12, don’t worry…yes, I can count. It’s just that it started out as the most important dozen postings.

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