The last dozen years have been a challenging time for job seekers. We’ve been through two recessions, are dealing with a national economy slow to fully recover, and find that employment opportunities are still a challenge for many qualified job seekers looking for a way out of the unemployment line.

When I was a doctoral student with Pepperdine University, I studied the potential of continuing education shortening the job search … this was research that helped identify if taking specific types of continuing education while unemployed might shorten unemployment. I’ve concluded the dissertation research, but will continue to study and research this unique topic.

Therefore, I could use your help. If you have about 20 minutes to spare and wouldn’t mind sharing (anonymously) your experience in your job search, I would appreciate your insight. Just follow this link to get a bit more information and select the survey type (job seeker or hiring manager) that best suits your experience.

Thank you


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